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The Journey – Part 22

The Journey

Dear Beloved Church Family,

I am planning to preach this coming Lord’s Day on The 9 Positive Effects the Word of God can have upon anyone who takes it seriously . Any one who treasurers the Word and spends quality time in it qualifies. I plan to urge all of us to recommit ourselves to reading and obeying the written Word of God like never before! I sure appreciate the godly men who filled our pulpit at York Bible Church! For the last eight Sunday mornings, each one emphasized timeless truths. I am anxious and ready to get back! Hopefully I have learned some life-altering lessons to share with you. (Hope to see you at Church this Sunday!)

And this Sunday we will resume Adult Sunday School! We will wind down our study of the Puritans by looking at several new lessons recently recorded by Dr. Steve Nichols. You might be interested to know a little about the Fundamentalist/Liberal controversies as well, since they are a very important element of our own church background. Dr. Nichols has the ability to briefly survey our past and demonstrate how it all fits together.

And Dr. Jamie Mitchell, who will be speaking September 18th, agreed to conduct Adult Sunday School on the 18th, speaking as a leader in The American Pastor’s Network. You will want to come and hear Pastor Jamie’s insights and wisdom on current events as well as the political scene.

Much to be thankful for,

Pastor Dave Sutter

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