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The Journey – Part 23

The Journey

Dear Beloved Church Family,

Our Wednesday follow-up appointment with Dr. DiPasquale, my orthopedic surgeon,  was pretty amazing!  Upon arriving at his office, we were told his appointments were running an hour behind. We were asked if we wanted to reschedule our appointment and go home.  We said we’d rather wait – and in less than 5 minutes later, we were actually called in for X-rays and a visit with the good doctor!  And once with the Doctor, we knew it was going to be a good time!  Dr. DiPasquale has spent plenty of time with us informing me of my condition as well as just “visiting”.  We are blessed to have a doctor who demonstrates care for us by the amount of time he always gives us. Sue and I had lists of questions which he patiently and adequately answered.

I was also very encouraged to hear our Doctor admit that all healing is ultimately God’s work! The Doctors operate and do what they do. The medical technicians get involved as well. But the end results are all in God’s hands. (How often do you hear that in a surgeon’s office? )

So I still have a long way to go before I can put weight on my broken – but mending leg, but so far so good!  Dr. DiPasquale said that I am right on schedule and to keep working hard at Physical Therapy.
And he thought it was time for me to get back preaching!

We sure appreciate God’s continual providential leading in our lives!

Looking forward to Sunday!

Pastor Dave Sutter

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