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The Journey – Part 9

The Journey

Dear Beloved Church Family,

Sometime very early July 14th, I met the assigned trauma surgeon who said I needed two surgeries and agreed to find me a trauma surgeon in York so Sue and I could get back home. Two surgeries? Two surgeries!!!! I asked if he could just get it all done at once. He kinda smiled. Now the waiting began- since a trauma surgeon has to always be available when the medical helicopter arrives with a much more serious case.

I remember opening my eyes in my hospital room, and there before me sat two very special ladies!!! They just came to wait with me– the ministry of presence! My older sister Ruthie came to sit with me and our former church secretary Claudia Puccio drove up all the way from Lawrence Harbor, NJ. They just sat and chatted! It was wonderful. (Ruthie too is a PCB graduate and friends with Tim, Mark Crocco and John Schaffer!) Surgery was scheduled for 3pm. All the necessary preparations were now complete.

I know many were praying and I was sure hoping for a bright light supernatural healing!!!! BUT in the midst of all this, I NEVER felt any anxiety! That’s the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding. That peace flooded my life as many prayed! Thanks so much! Please remember again the vital importance of presence, just being there! Talking is optional! Presence! (You are needed!!!)

Please remember Romans 8:28. Please remember that God’s answers to our prayers often come in unexpected ways that are beyond our comprehension.

And I sure appreciate those dedicated anesthesiologists who made sure I slept through surgery #1!

More to come

Pastor Dave Sutter

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