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Vacation Bible School 2014


From July 28 – August 1, York Bible Church was energized by hosting our very first Vacation Bible School. There is something really special about the bond that results from working as a close knit team to create a memory making event for children. We want to thank the Lord for bringing us 43 children and 8 teen staff who listened attentively to the Word of God. Our teachers, Emily Sutter and Heather Curry, were well trained Summer Missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship. Each night the children were happy to learn new songs, memorize a Bible verse, interact with an expertly delivered Bible lesson, and sit on the edge of their seats for the suspense of the continuing missionary story. Our church staff had a lot of fun preparing the crafts, games, and snacks. On Sunday, the children came back for the Closing Program. They recited John 3:16 and sang 2 songs in the morning worship service.

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