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A Pastoral Prayer for this time

Date: March 21, 2020 Speaker: Pastor David Sutter

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1 Response to “A Pastoral Prayer for this time”

  1. Charles Lusco March 22, 2020

    As our flesh cries out that the world around us is in turmoil and uncertainty, we can make captive all of our thoughts into the holiness and obedience to Christ Jesus. When we are convinced that HE has us in His loving arms and protection, we can then feel that uncertainty turn into peace and the fear into courage. The world around us may be in uncertainty, but we do not have to be. Dwell in the Lord and know His love. Then delight in Him, as you are close to Him and feel His presence. Then once you are delighting in Him you can begin to place your trust in Him knowing that He is faithful. And when your trust is secure in your mind and in your heart, you can then commit your full heart to Him, so that in that commitment you can finally REST in Him. Rest in His love my brothers and sisters in Christ. Rest in Him because He is calling all those who hear His voice, to draw near to Him as He draws near to you. Come to Him, ALL you who are weary and heavily burdened and HE WILL GIVE YOU REST. I love yuo all.

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