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The Journey – Part 6

The Journey

Dear Beloved Church Family,

What I’ve been going through since July 13th is a clear and powerful illustration of the life of a Disciple of Jesus Christ! For me, it has been a helpful picture of the normal experience of every believer according to the New Testament. Here are some seed thoughts which I’m developing into a longer explanation. (I ran this by my “Theological Advisor” – Dr. Merrill Cohan, and he agreed with my main idea!) Here goes!

My two leg surgeries were an illustration of Salvation by grace through faith. I found myself in trouble and totally helpless. There was nothing I could do to fix my shattered leg! l I just placed my full confidence in those trauma surgeons and fell asleep due to the fine work of those skilled anesthesiologists. I just slept and slept real good! Never offered any help or suggestions. I was 100% dependent and was never asked for my opinion during the surgeries. I was told that the surgeries were successful, complete and that those surgeons were satisfied. BUT then came the disappointment and a major one at that!

Though the surgeons were some of the best and though the surgeries were successful, I am not able to walk! If I do not go through brutal rehabilitation – and I mean brutal, I might never be able to walk to my full potential. (No passivity here!)

So- briefly- My salvation is 100% dependent on the work of Christ on my behalf. PERIOD! Obtained by placing all my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone! Not based on anything I could do or add. (You know that!) My salvation is a grace-gift freely given! However, if not cultivated, I’ll remain stagnant! I am obligated to pay attention and practice all the imperatives in the New Testament. That’s basically what Philippians 2:12-13 teaches.

Sovereign Grace and Personal Responsibility work together – but in the end, it is all of God and His grace!

(For a wonderful illustration of this principle – read through the four chapters of Colossians.)

No room for passivity in the Christian life!!!!!

More to come!

Pastor Dave Sutter

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